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BFES Vogue Polska Start-Up Contest powered by FFVC takes off


250 thousand dollars of investment as well as package of content-related and operational support in further development of your business. A unique contest for start-ups in East-Central Europe: BFES Vogue Polska Start-Up Contest powered by FFVC  took off on 1st September

Business leaders and industry experts from all over the world are going to meet in Warsaw on 11th October 2022, during Business Fashion Environment Summit 2022 organised by „Vogue Polska” and Boston Consulting Group. They are going to debate the future of fashion in the context of progressive digitalisation. The conference will focus on the issue of sustainability in East-Central Europe. But that is not all – this year’s Business Fashion Environment Summit offers a unique contest addressed to start-ups. BFES Vogue Polska start-up contest powered by FFVC is a one-of-a-kind initiative, which helps sustainable start-ups to source investors and, consequently, gain real financial support. It is worth fighting for, because the main prize is up to 250 thousand dollars of investment as well as content-related and operational support in further development of the chosen business.

One-of-a-kind contest 

-While working on the concept of Business Fashion Environment Summit, we knew that our goal is not only to organise a conference enabling us to inspire the leaders of East-Central Europe to act in favour of sustainability, but to create a platform which gives young businesses from our region a real  opportunity to grow -explains Kasia Jordan-Kulczyk, founder and chairwoman of „Vogue Polska”. BFES Vogue Polska start-up contest powered by FFVC is a great opportunity for start-ups which promote sustainable business model and have an interesting idea how to do it. –In partnership with FFVC investment fund, we are going to choose 10 start-ups. Among them there will be the winner of the main prize, which is up to 250 thousand dollars of financing as well as package of content-related and operational support in further development of the business. The other finalists will get an opportunity to present themselves in front of the business leaders from East-Central Europe taking part in this year’s Business Fashion Environment Summit, where they can find prospective investors -Kasia Jordan-Kulczyk explains.

Kasia Jordan-Kulczyk (Fot. Magda Wunsche & Aga Samsel)

The contest is organised by FFVC – the most commited venture capital fund operating in New York. Since 2008 FFVC has invested in over 140 companies, created 12 firms whose revenue exceeded 100 million dollars, and generated over 15 billion dollars in market capitalisation. Now FFVC wants to support promising businesses and help them flourish.

Start-ups which want to take part in the contest can apply until 30th September. The finalists will be announced on 4th October, and on 11th October, the day of Business Fashion Environment Summit, they will fight for the main prize. The winner will be chosen on the same day. As Mateusz Zawistowski, FFVC Managing Director, says, not only will they gain substantial financial support, but they can count on another equally precious thing. -BFES is a unique opportunity to get financing and support from an international venture capital fund and „Vogue Polska”. The winning team will not only be supported by our investments, but also by access to the network, support in the key aspects of project execution and – statistically, based on the previous results of FFVC – a greater chance to succeed in gaining the next rounds of financing -Mateusz Zawistowski claims.

Mateusz Zawistowski

What do you need to do to take part in the contest?

You need to send your application to the following email address: office@ffvc.com. The application must include a teaser and a financial model created according to the guidelines posted as part of the contest rules. During stage I of the contest the jury will review the applications regarding the following criteria: market size and  attractiveness, direct and indirect competition, business model scalability, experience of the founding team and key participants, as well as practicality of the financial model and main financial metrics.  

How to improve your chances of winning?

Mateusz Zawistowski has a few tips for the contestants. – If you want to win, you need to prove that your team consists of well-matched members whose skills complement each other, that you have an idea which allows you to enter global markets promptly, and prospects of generating 100 million PLN revenue in 5-8 years. We are waiting for your applications!

Contest rules and documents to download:

  3. Appendix no. 2 - STATEMENT (PL)
  4. Appendix no. 2 - STATEMENT (ENG)
  5. Guidelines - teaser
  6. Guidelines - financial model
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